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Long date with weekday: onsdag(,) den 21. december 1994. Numeric date: 1994-06-07 (The format dd.mm.(yy)yy is the traditional Danish date format. The international format yyyy-mm-dd or yyyymmdd is also accepted, though this format is not commonly used. The formats d. 'month name' yyyy and in handwriting d/m-yy or d/m yyyy are also acceptable In order to know how to write the date in Swedish correctly, you need to forget everything you know about writing dates. Here's a quick guide SOrry if this is in the wrong area. However i am ordering a part for my electric wheelchair. The part is made in sweden(and i am being sure i know the age of the item) production date says 03.11.12 In the us that would mean it was made in 2012, Yet i know some countries do the order differently The date format in Sweden is big-endian: Format: yyyy-mm-dd Ex: 2014-12-03; How to format dates for Sweden in Java, C#, PHP, and JavaScript What is the time format in Sweden? The time format in Sweden is mostly 24-hour notation, but 24-hour format is also commonly adopted. HH:mm.

Sweden date format. If you take medication, it is a good idea to make sure that you have an adequate supply before leaving for -the-counter medicines may also be available at supermarkets or petrol international students in sweden choose to use skype and mobile telephones with pay-as-you-go sim cards from companies such as telia, tele2, comviq (in swedish only), telenor (in swedish only), 3. Legends Edit All examples for 22 April 1996 or April 22, 1996 or 1996 April 22 or 1996-04-22.. Basic components of a calendar date for the most common calendar systems: Y - Year ; M - Month ; D - Day ; Order of the basic components: B - Big-endian (year, month, day), e.g. 1996-04-22 or 1996.04.22 or 1996/04/22 or 1996 April 22; L - Little-endian (day, month, year), e.g. 22.04.1996 or.

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Date format for engraving. Hi, I am traveling from the USA to Sweden soon for my son's wedding. His fiancee lives in Sweden and he will be moving there. I want to buy them some engraved wine glasses but would like the date in a Swedish format. I was thinking 5 Augusti 2017 Listing of countries with their preferred date formats, ISO3166 code, ISO629-2 - country_date_formats.cs Swedish Free Online Dating Site Loveawake is a top-performing online dating site with members present in Sweden and many other countries. Loveawake has over a million registered singles and over 1000 new men and women are joining daily The first argument to the PUT function is the SAS date, time, or datetime. The second argument is the format. See Converting DS2 Date, Time, and Timestamp Values to SAS Date, Time, or Datetime Values for an example of formatting dates and times in a DS2 program. The following table displays the results of formatting the date June 29, 2107 for each of the DS2 formats You will be connected to www.thelocal.se in just a moment.... Learn about Project Shiel

How to change date format in Excel. In Microsoft Excel, dates can be displayed in a variety of ways. When it comes to changing date format of a given cell or range of cells, the easiest way is to open the Format Cells dialog and choose one of the predefined formats.. Select the dates whose format your want to change, or empty cells where you want to insert dates Current local time in Sweden - Stockholm. Get Stockholm's weather and area codes, time zone and DST. Explore Stockholm's sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset Translation for 'dates' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations String Functions Asc Chr Concat with & CurDir Format InStr InstrRev LCase Left Len LTrim Mid Replace Right RTrim Space Split Str StrComp StrConv StrReverse Trim UCase Numeric Functions Abs Atn Avg Cos Count Exp Fix Format Int Max Min Randomize Rnd Round Sgn Sqr Sum Val Date Functions Date DateAdd DateDiff DatePart DateSerial DateValue Day Format Hour Minute Month MonthName Now Second Time. Sweden time now. Sweden time zone and map with current time in the largest cities

After you select a format, the Property Update Options button appears, and lets you to apply your new format to any other table fields and form controls that would logically inherit it. To apply your changes throughout the database, click the smart tag, and then click Update Format everywhere <Field Name> is used.In this case, Field Name is the name of your Date/Time field Svensk översättning av 'dates' - engelskt-svenskt lexikon med många fler översättningar från engelska till svenska gratis online

The format used to convert between data types, such as a date or string format. Can be one of the following values: Converting datetime to character: Without century With century Input/Output Standard; 0: 100: mon dd yyyy hh:miAM/PM: Default: 1: 101 I have some problems with the date format on the site. In US and many countries they specify the date in the format mm/dd/yyyy but in sweden we use yyyy-dd-mm nad i have tried almost anythnig but i can?t get it to work with that format or as mather a fact i can?t define it to work that way Sweden is GMT/UTC + 1h during Standard Time Sweden is GMT/UTC + 2h during Daylight Saving Time: Daylight Saving Time Usage: Sweden does utilize Daylight Saving Time. In Europe daylight saving time is often referred to as Summer Time. Daylight Saving Start Date: Sweden starts Daylight Saving Time on Sunday March 29, 2020 at 2:00 AM local time.

In JS there are no simple and cross platform ways to format local date time, outside of converting each property as mentioned above. Here is a quick hack I use to get the local YYYY-MM-DD. Note that this is a hack, as the final date will not have the correct timezone anymore (so you have to ignore timezone) You can apply for the Sweden Schengen Visa since 2001 when Sweden as an European Union Member State also became a member state of the Schengen Area.. Sweden Entry Restrictions in Response to Coronavirus. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Sweden, as well as the rest of the EU and Schengen Area members imposed an EU-wide entry ban on third-country nationals in mid-March 2020 Depending on the countries, dates may have different formats. Here are the elements that can help you change the date format or customize it. Date Formats - 2.1 Talend Data Preparation User Guide author Talend Documentation Team EnrichVersion 6.4 2.1 EnrichProdName Talend Big. Date/Time data type (Format property) 11/29/2018; 3 minutes to read +1; In this article. Applies to: Access 2013 | Access 2016 You can set the Format property to predefined date and time formats or use custom formats for the Date/Time data type.. Settings Predefined formats. The following table shows the predefined Format property settings for the Date/Time data type The CV standard in Sweden very much mirrors that of the rest of Europe and even the US. Here's a very basic sample. You may also visit sites like manpower (dot SE) or even Jobsafari. I think they provide CV samples for the market. Good Luck

Sweden comes under the EU VAT rules, and is part of the EU single market economy. VAT Directives are issued by the EU which lay out the principles of the VAT regime to be adopted by the member states, including Sweden. These Directives take precedence over the local legislation. Swedish VAT law. Sweden introduced VAT, known as moms, in 1969 Translation for 'date format' in the free English-Swedish dictionary and many other Swedish translations The personal identity number is obtained when a person is entered in the Swedish population register by the Swedish Tax Agency. It is widely used for everyday purposes in Swedish society such as setting up memberships and subscriptions, establishing a banking relationship with a Swedish bank etc The ISO 8601 notation is today the commonly recommended format of representing date and time as human-readable strings in new plain-text communication protocols and file formats. Several standards and profiles have been derived from ISO 8601, including RFC 3339 and a W3C note on date and time formats Customizing the Time and Date Format # Customizing the Time and Date Format. Certain WordPress tag functions are used to display or return date and time information; the_date() and the_time() are examples of this. By default, these functions will display or return date and time in format as it is set in Administration > Settings > General.This is the place where customizing format for Date and.

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Matches a date in the format dd/mm/yyyy , dd-mm-yyyy or dd.mm.yyyy. This expression can be used to find or validate a date field and the most accepted form of date can have DD-MM-YYYY format with the seperators: -, / and Typical formats for writing the date in English. There are several different ways to write the date. They vary from formal to informal, and there are differences between British and American English. Vocabulary for ESL learners and teachers Standard time and date formats; Layout options; Corner cases; Basic example. Go doesn't use yyyy-mm-dd layout to format a time. Instead, you format a special layout parameter. Mon Jan 2 15:04:05 MST 2006. the same way as the time or date should be formatted. (This date is easier to remember when written as 01/02 03:04:05PM '06 -0700. Set Time Zone, Date Format, Time Format and Language for all Office 365 users users in the company. The file is in CSV format and all you need to input is your admin credentials. To use the script you need to save it to a txt file and change the extension to .pc Date and Time in C# are handled by DateTime class in C# that provides properties and methods to format dates in different datetime formats. This article blog explains how to work with date and time format in C#. The following table describes various C# DateTime formats and their results

Universityadmissions.se is the official website for international students who wish to apply for studies in Sweden. Here, you can find out more about the educational system, learn about other important agencies and find links to their websites and, most importantly, apply for courses and programmes DATE_FORMAT. The DATE_FORMAT command assigns a format template to the definition of an object that has a DATETIME, TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMP_TZ, TIMESTAMP_LTZ, DSINTERVAL, or YMINTERVAL data type.. The datetime format template is a template that describes the format of datetime data stored in a character string The ISO date format. The international format defined by ISO (ISO 8601) tries to address all these problems by defining a numerical date system as follows: YYYY-MM-DD where. YYYY is the year [all the digits, i.e. 2012] MM is the month [01 (January) to 12 (December)] DD is the day [01 to 31] For example, 3rd of April 2002, in this. Custom date and time format strings. 03/30/2017; 55 minutes to read +17; In this article. A date and time format string defines the text representation of a DateTime or DateTimeOffset value that results from a formatting operation. It can also define the representation of a date and time value that is required in a parsing operation in order to successfully convert the string to a date and time

Angular date pipe used to format dates in angular according to the given date formats,timezone and country locale information. Using date pipe, we can convert a date object, a number (milliseconds from UTC) or an ISO date strings according to given predefined angular date formats or custom angular date formats Previous: Date Formats ; Next: List Separators; Decimal and Thousands Separators. Great Britain and the United States are two of the few places in the world that use a period to indicate the decimal place. Many other countries use a comma instead. The decimal separator is also called the radix character - Click on the Date tab - In the short date format box, I type: dd/mm/yyyy. - Click on Apply or OK - The short date format has now reverted to yyyy-mm-dd . Precisely the same thing happens when I try to get the time to 24 hour format - it's stuck on PM\AM. Also, when I try to change decimal symbol from a , to a Internally, all date and time format values are stored as a number of seconds: date formats (e.g., DATE, ADATE, SDATE, DATETIME) are stored as the number of seconds since October 14, 1582; time formats (TIME, DTIME) are stored as a number of seconds that represents a time interval (e.g., 10:00:00 is stored internally as 36000, which is 60 seconds x 60 minutes x 10 hours)

In an effort to avoid miscommunication between people using the British date format and those using the American date format, an International Standard was developed. If an Australian writes February 3, 2019 as 03/02/2019, but an American writes the same date as 02/03/2019, who's right But the problem is that I want to show date in dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm tt. In English culture it displays right format. But when I change current culture to Swedish the date format changes to dd-MM-yyyy hh:mm means it didn't displays AM/PM in Swedish. There is not a single line change in code to get data and display in gridview Formatting a formula with a date value could be tricky in Crystal Reports. This article shows how to format date fields and date formulae in Crystal Reports Informats and Formats The SAS System converts date, time and datetime values back and forth between calendar dates and clock times with SAS language elements called formats and informats.. Formats present a value, recognized by SAS, such as a time or date value, as a calendar date or clock time in a variety of lengths and notations

The combinations of the year, the month, the day and the separators can be endless. The following are 100 common date text formats and the formulas to convert them into the real dates. After you convert the text into the date format, you can use the format cells method again to transfer to the format you want Currently, only some modern browsers support this date input type. Older browsers and some modern browsers including Firefox don't support this input type and just render it as a traditional text input field. Fortunately, Contact Form 7 can provide a fallback for those browsers.. If a value is specified in a date field, the value must be in YYYY-MM-DD format (e.g. 2013-04-08) according to. We are in the process to change the Date/Time formats from default settings to the Swedish way, including seconds. Before doing the change I would like to ask You for pros/cons and what to think about before doing the change. Also have I missed any setting that needs to be changed? The change have.

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There is a bit confusing logic may appear using year week number: <?php echo (new \ DateTime (2018-12-31 13:05:21))-> format (YW) . PHP_EOL; will output 201801, not 201901 nor 201852, because of strange ISO_8601-2004 standard: the first calendar week of a year is that one which includes the first Thursday of that year, so this date (it is Monday) do belong to the first week of 2019 (this. The DATE_FORMAT function accepts two arguments:. date: is a valid date value that you want to format; format: is a format string that consists of predefined specifiers.Each specifier is preceded by a percentage character ( %).See the table below for a list of predefined specifiers. The DATE_FORMAT function returns a string whose character set and collation depend on the settings of the client. Get the formatted date according to the string of tokens passed in. To escape characters, wrap them in square brackets (e.g. [MM]). dayjs().format() // current date. The country code for Sweden is SE. The IBAN check digits 45 validate the routing destination and account number combination in this IBAN. The BBAN is 5000 0000 0583 9825 7466, which contains the country-specific details of the account number Arguments. The Oracle TO_CHAR() accepts three arguments:. 1) expr The expr is a DATE or an INTERVAL value that should be converted.. The data type of expr can be DATE, TIMESTAMP, TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, or TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIME ZONE.. 2) date_format The date_format is a string that determines the format that the result string should be in.. The date_format argument is optional

Current local time and date in Sweden from a trusted independent resourc Everything Sweden Personnummer in Sweden. September 13, 2017. Everyone in Sweden has a Personnummer. This 12 digit number tags everything you do in Sweden to a personal record, everything from birth to a high school grade, addresses, and even store cards Other characters Image Source: kaboompics - Pixabay.com / License: CC0 Public Domain. You can also use other format characters within your date format code to customize your format, such as commas, brackets, slashes and hyphens, like so:. l, jS F, Y = Monday, 15th August, 2016 m/d/y = 08/15/16 . This allows you to add separators amongst the date format to make the date clear and readable to. Legislation. In Sweden, the following laws mandate the use of eInvoicing for public entities: Ordinance for accounting (Förordning (2000:606) om myndigheters bokföring §21f);; Ordinance for electronic information exchange (Förordning (2003:770) om statliga myndigheters elektroniska informationsutbyte § 3).The law has been amended multiple times, with the latest amendment in 2018 Don't select the date format that you want to finish up. Select the existing date format in the text file. Excel will import the date and then convert it (if necessary) to the regional date format for your computer. Basically you need to tell Excel what the format of the date is in the existing text file so it knows how to convert it

Now open Excel and all dates previously formatted with the default Short Date format for the US (*3/14/2001) will show up in the Short Date format for the UK. To check this fact, select a cell with dates, then bring up the Format Cells dialog box (Ctrl+1) to see that the Short Date format in Excel has automatically changed to *14/3/2001 DateString = datestr(t) converts the datetime values in the input array t to text representing dates and times.. The datestr function returns a character array with m rows, where m is the total number of datetime values in t.By default, datestr returns text in the format, day-month-year hour:minute:second. If hour:minute:second is 00:00:00, then the text returned has the format, day-month-year

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Format of Windows Server is Sweden. Short Date is defined as d.M.yyyy. Report->Text Box Properties->Number->Date-> It says that Current Regional Settings is English(United States). I want use Swedish. It allows me to choose date in format 1/31/2000, but not in 31/1/2000 as I wish. Format is incorrect both in Visual Studio Preview and browser Your employer in Sweden initiates the work permit application by completing an offer of employment. Your employer needs information about your name, date of birth, citizenship, education and your email address. It is important that you have access the email address you give your employer until you have received a decision regarding your. 1. Introduction. Date and time formats cause a lot of confusion and interoperability problems on the Internet. This document addresses many of the problems encountered and makes recommendations to improve consistency and interoperability when representing and using date and time in Internet protocols

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Swedish nature is open spaces, dense forests, rocky shorelines and fields of gold. Preservation efforts and sustainable solutions aim to safeguard nature C# program that uses different format using System; class Program { static void Main() { DateTime time = DateTime.Now; string format = M d h:mm yy; Console.WriteLine(time.ToString(format)); } } Output 2 27 11:48 09 Format string pattern M display one-digit month number d display one-digit day of the month h display one-digit hour on 12-hour scale mm display two-digit minutes yy display two. Sweden - Settlement - ISO 15022 instruction formats Settlement in Euroclear Sweden AB Mandatory fields What your counterparty needs to know Free of payment (MT 542) or against payment (MT 543) delivery instruction Mandatory fields Ex-date Record date.

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  1. SWEDEN (MOMS) Sweden being an EU member state falls under the EU VAT regime. Member states must adopt EU VAT Directives into their own legislation. Standard VAT Rate: 25%. Reduced VAT Rate: 6%, 12%. Registration Threshold Distance Selling: 320,000 SEK. EU VAT number format: SE999999999999. Registration Threshold. Resident - There is no.
  2. Format the time and/or date according to locale settings. Month and weekday names and other language-dependent strings respect the current locale set with setlocale().. Not all conversion specifiers may be supported by your C library, in which case they will not be supported by PHP's strftime().Additionally, not all platforms support negative timestamps, so your date range may be limited to no.
  3. Recently, I was surprised to discover that in addition to the standard US number format (1,234.67) and some European country format (1.234,56 and 1 234,56), there are other number formats. So I wrote a function that lists all of the number formats out there in VB.NET
  4. Other date and time formats. The dates and time above are only default settings, in the Control Panel users can change the date and time format including the date separator, 12/24 hour time and leading/trailing characters. Take care not make cultural assumptions about the users chosen date or time format
  5. The Date Formats global option changes the default date format for all maps or forms. However, the format of the existing date fields do not change; the default is only used for new maps or forms. This table lists the valid date and time formats
  6. -- Finding out date format for a session. SELECT session_id, date_format from sys. dm_exec_sessions----- -- Convert date string from DD/MM/YYYY UK format to MM/DD/YYYY US format DECLARE @UKdate char (10) = '15/03/2016' SELECT CONVERT (CHAR (10), CONVERT (datetime, @UKdate, 103), 101)-- 03/15/2016-- DATEPART datetime function example - SQL.
  7. Date format and time zone conversions. There are several methods available to obtain a date in various formats, as well as to perform time zone conversions. Particularly useful are the functions that output the date and time in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC),.

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VBA Custom Format Builder. Our VBA Add-in: AutoMacro contains a Custom Format Builder for the VBA Editor. This allows you to set custom formats and immediately preview the output for your desired value: The VBA Add-in contains numerous other Code Generators, an extensive code library, and an assortment of other coding tools. It's the ultimate add-in for anyone serious about VBA. let date = new Date(Date.UTC(2012, 11, 20, 3, 0, 0)); // formats below assume the local time zone of the locale; // America/Los_Angeles for the US // US English uses month-day-year order and 12-hour time with AM/PM console.log(date.toLocaleString('en-US')); // → 12/19/2012,. The one-page guide to Date & time formats: usage, examples, links, snippets, and more The postcode in Sweden consists of 5 digits,divided into two groups of three and two digits. There is a space between the two groups. eg: 114 55 Address Format. The Swedish Post requires the ISO-2 country code to be used on all international mail items being delivered to Sweden. For domestic mail, ISO-2 code is not required By default, Windows formats dates with slashes (3/23/16). However, if you want to use a different format for the date, such as using periods instead of slashes (3.23.16), that's easy to change in Windows' settings. You can also change the format of the time

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Description. Formats the date value according to the format string. The language used for the names is controlled by the value of the lc_time_names system variable. See server locale for more on the supported locales.. The options that can be used by DATE_FORMAT(), as well as its inverse STR_TO_DATE() and the FROM_UNIXTIME() function, are Sweden.se is the official website of Sweden - welcome! Due to Covid-19, there are currently restrictions on travels to and from Sweden. For updated information on what applies to your country, please visit krisinformation.se , official emergency information from Swedish authorities The Format function can be used in VBA code in Microsoft Access. For example: Dim LValue As String LValue = Format (Date, yyyy/mm/dd) In this example, the variable called LValue would now contain the date formatted as yyyy/mm/dd. Example in SQL/Queries. You can also use the Format function in a query in Microsoft Access. For example: In this.

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  1. Sweden Public Holidays 2019 This page contains a national calendar of all 2019 public holidays. These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates
  2. g. The strea
  3. About the Migration Agency. In Sweden, the Migration Agency is the authority that considers applications from people who want to take up permanent residence in Sweden, come for a visit, seek protection from persecution or become Swedish citizens
  4. Format: Writes date values as the day, the name of the month, and the year in the form dd month-name yyyy. YEAR w. Format: Writes date values as the year. YYMM w. Format: Writes date values in the form < yy > yy M mm, where M is a character separator to indicate that the month number follows the M and the year appears as either 2 or 4 digits.
  5. There is no universally accepted address format. In nearly every country, the address format differs. Even if these differences seem small, they can play a big role in whether or not your mail makes it to the intended recipient. Our products are able to verify, correct and format addresses according to the local postal standards
  6. You can use PHP date() function or DateTime() class to get current Date & Time in PHP. This tutorial will help you to get current date time in PHP. The provided results based on the timezone settings in the php.ini file. You may need to modify this setting to get date and time in the required timezone

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If Format contains date and time elements together, they must not be intermixed. In other words, the string should be dividable into two halves: a time half and a date half. For example, a format string consisting of hh yyyy mm would not produce the expected result because it has a date element in between two time elements SQL Server Date Formats. One of the most frequently asked questions in SQL Server forums is how to format a datetime value or column into a specific date format. Here's a summary of the different date formats that come standard in SQL Server as part of the CONVERT function The latest versions of thymeleaf and thymeleaf-spring5 can be found on Maven Central. Note that, for a Spring 4 project, the thymeleaf-spring4 library must be used instead of thymeleaf-spring5.. Moreover, in order to work with new Java 8 Date classes, we will add the following dependency to our pom.xml: <dependency> <groupId>org.thymeleaf.extras</groupId> <artifactId>thymeleaf-extras-java8time. Date Formatting. The purpose of date formatting is to convert the Date object to a human readable string by using the culture-specific settings.. The kendo.format and kendo.toString methods support standard and custom date formats.. Default Date Formats. The following table lists the default Kendo UI date format specifiers

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  1. The Short Date format has been applied, from the Excel Ribbon, but the date format does not change. Those dates stay in the same date/time format. Dates Are Numbers. In Excel, dates are stored as numbers -- number 1 is the date January 1, 1990. You can format positive numbers in one of the date formats, to see the date that they represent
  2. Time.is automatically displays the time in your time zone by using your IP address to detect your location. Your IP address is Your detected location is New York, United States.New York, United States
  3. format(today, format=%B %d %Y) June 20 2007 Date Conversion Character to Date . You can use the as.Date() function to convert character data to dates. The format is as.Date(x, format), where x is the character data and format gives the appropriate format. # convert date info in format 'mm/dd/yyyy' strDates <- c(01/05/1965, 08/16/1975.
  4. But there's no easy way to format a date in JavaScript. The native Date object comes with seven formatting methods. Each of these seven methods give you a specific value (and they're quite useless). const date = new Date(2019, 0, 23, 17, 23, 42
  5. date_format 関数を使うと引数に指定した日付を表す値を指定のフォーマットで整形した文字列を取得します。また time_format 関数を使うと時刻を表す値を指定のフォーマットで整形した文字列を取得できます。ここでは date_format 関数および time_format関数 関数の使い方について解説します

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  1. Angular is a platform for building mobile and desktop web applications. Join the community of millions of developers who build compelling user interfaces with Angular
  2. Behöver du veta hur du ska skriva en formel på svenska eller engelska? Här hittar du vår lista med översättningar på funktioner i Excel
  3. Question - How do I get the current date and time in JavaScript? How to get the date in Y-m-d format in JavaScript? How do I get time in H:i:s format in JavaScript? This tutorial will help you to get the current date and time in JavaScript. You can also get date and time in your formats like Y-m-d and H:i:s formats
  4. Folkuniversitetet is an adult educational association that offers a wide range of adult education all over Sweden. Welcome to Folkuniversitetet
  5. ISO 8601-like formatter for date with time zone. The format used is yyyy-MM-ddZZ.This pattern does not comply with the formal ISO 8601 specification as the standard does not allow a time zone without a time
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  1. The date command can be used as an Epoch converter. Epoch, or Unix timestamps, is the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 at 00:00:00 UTC. To print the number of the seconds from the epoch to the current day, invoke date with the %s format control: date +%s 155939379
  2. The date format that is returned when loading the value. Please note that the value is always saved as Ymd (YYYYMMDD) in the database. Week Starts On Specifies the day to start the week on. Template usage. The Date Picker field returns a date string using the Return Format setting
  3. What is epoch time? The Unix epoch (or Unix time or POSIX time or Unix timestamp) is the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 (midnight UTC/GMT), not counting leap seconds (in ISO 8601: 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z).Literally speaking the epoch is Unix time 0 (midnight 1/1/1970), but 'epoch' is often used as a synonym for Unix time
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