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An IMSI is usually presented as a 15-digit number but can be shorter. For example, MTN South Africa's old IMSIs that are still in use in the market are 14 digits long. The first 3 digits represent the mobile country code (MCC), which is followed by the mobile network code (MNC), either 2-digit (European standard) or 3-digit (North American. Format and IMSI Vs IMEI? The International Mobile Subscriber Identity(IMSI) is an identity of a subscriber in the Telecom Network. IMSI's full form says that identity is unique across the globe. For uniqueness, it follows a hierarchical structure. The length of the IMSI number is 15 digits. The IMSI structure consists of MCC, MNC, and MSIN The value of MNC (two or three digits) depends on the value of MCC. The IMSI is stored in the UICC and can be accessed through USIM application. 3GPP 31.102 section 4.2.2 specifies that the EFIMSI contains the details of the IMSI. But there is no direct access to MCC and MNC and hence they need to be extracted from the IMSI PLMN ID (not more than 6 digits) = MCC + MNC : IMSI: International Mobile Subscriber Identity, Unique ID of mobile subscriber Network gets the PLMN of the subscriber IMSI (not more than 15 digits) = PLMN ID + MSIN = MCC + MNC + MSIN : MNC: Mobile Network Code,assigned by National Authority : 2 or 3 digits : MCC

IMSI In Telecom IMSI parameter components (MCC, MNC, and

The ITU-T Recommendation E.212 defines mobile country codes (MCC) as well as mobile network codes (MNC).. Overview. The mobile country code consists of three decimal digits and the mobile network code consists of two or three decimal digits (for example: MNC of 001 is not the same as MNC of 01) MCC - Mobile Country Code. MNC - Mobile Network Code. This parameters are used to to uniquely identify a mobile network operator. You can check which MCC and MNC has your mobile operator in the table bellow NO. Country: Carrier Name: IMSI1: IMSI2: Remark: 1: Albania: Albanian Mobile: 2760111: 2: Albania: Eagle Mobile: 2760311: 3: Albania: Vodafone: 2760211: 4: Algeria. IMSI, MSISDN, IMEI and P-TMSI IMSI. IMSI refers to 'International Mobile Subscriber Identity', and it is a globally unique identifier for every SIM card in the world. The IMSI is the main identifier for the MS. if you changed your SIM card for any reason, e.g. the old SIM card is damaged, the IMSI of your SIM will be changed The PLMN Identifier is used to identify the radio networks in use, it's made up of the MCC - Mobile Country Code and MNC - Mobile Network Code. But sadly it's not as simple as just concatenating MCC and MNC like in the IMSI, there's a bit more to it

Each IMSI contains an MCC, an MNC, and an MSIN. The MCC and MNC combine to form the US-defined HNI, which is the segment of the IMSI directly administered by the IMSI-A. MSINs are administered directly by the network operator to which the HNI is assigned. 3.6 The function of the MCC is to identify the domiciliary country of a mobile terminal/user MCC MNC IMSI Bands Network name Operator name Former network name Status Updated 631 2 63102GSM Unitel S.a.r.l. Unitel Operational 06.01.2011 631 3 CDMA Movicel Operational 20.04.2011 Anguilla MCC MNC IMSI Bands Network name Operator name Former network name Status Updated 365 5 36505 Mossel Ltd (Digicel) Inactive 06.01.201

An IMSI includes three components: Three-digit Mobile Country Code (MCC) Three-digit Mobile Network Code (MNC) Nine-digit Mobile Station Identification Number (MSIN IMSI由移動國家代碼( MCC,Mobile Country Code )、行動網路代碼( MNC,Mobile Network Code )和 移動訂戶辨識代碼 ( 英語 : Mobile subscription identification number ) ( MSIN,Mobile subscription identification number )依次連接而成 The combination of MCC and MNC is called HNI (Home network identity) and is the combination of both in one string (e.g. MCC= 262 and MNC = 01 results in an HNI of 26201). If you combine the HNI with the MSIN (Mobile Subscriber Identification Number) the result is the so called IMSI (integrated mobile subscriber identify) From 23.003: IMSI: No more than 15 digits. Is composed of three fields: The Mobile Country Code (MCC), the Mobile Network Code (MNC) and the Mobile Subscriber Identification Number (MSIN). The MCC is 3 digits, the MNC is 2 or 3 digits, leaving 9 or 10 digits for the MSIN. This means an operator is alloted between 1 and 10 billion MSIN In most of those investigation cases, the starting point is an MCC-MNC (being it taken from an IMSI, or a Diameter realm). Let's use Python to illustrate the use of the dictionaries: $ ipython fPython 3.8.2 (default, Jul 16 2020, 14:00:26) Type 'copyright', 'credits' or 'license' for more information IPython 7.13.0 -- An enhanced Interactive Python

Furthermore, the MCC and MNC are combined to form the Home Network Identity (HNI). This helps identify a subscriber's home network. An IMSI number is used in the Home Location Register (HLR) process to identify the network to which a particular mobile number belongs to The combination of MCC and MNC is called HNI (Home network identity) and is the combination of both in one string (e.g., MCC= 262 and MNC = 01 results in an HNI of 26201). If you combine the HNI with the MSIN (Mobile Subscriber Identification Number), the result is the so-called IMSI (integrated mobile subscriber identify) The default MCC and MNC are easy to obtain: use lineGetGeneralInfo, get the IMSI and substract from that the default MCC and MNC. But the requirement is to get the _current_ MCC and MNC (where the modem is NOW) and I can't seem to be able to find the right TAPI for that Mobile Network Codes (MNC) are used by wireless networks. The code is made up of a 3 digit Mobile Country Code (MCC) followed by the 3 digit Mobile Network Code (MNC). This list includes some discontinued codes that are still programmed into some cellular handsets. Canada & Mexico MNC's

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The MCC-MNC tuple is stored within the first five or six digits of the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity). The Mobile Network Code (MNC) is a two digit code (North America) or three digit code (European Standard) that is used in combination with a Mobile Country Code (MCC) to identify a mobile network operator uniquely The MCC and MNC may also be added to the MSIM (Mobile Subscription Identificatioin Number, usually 9 to 10 digits) to arrive at the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) which is generally represented by 15 digits (i.e., MMC + MNC + 3 digits + MSIN). A complete list the MCC's are available HERE


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Hello friends, Welcome to Technical Pundit!!! Below is the list of MCC & MNC of JIO Please watch video to know all about access point and there configuration.. Identified by the Mobile Country Code (MCC ) and Mobile network code (MNC), the MCC and MNC combination is PLMN id. From the IMSI of a SIM card, home PLMN can be identified. The home PLMN of a mobile subscriber is called HPLMN, which has subscription profiles of subscribers in the HLR An IMSI is a fixed length number with 15 digits. It consists of a three digit Mobile Country Code (MCC). The MCC for Australia is 505. The MCC is followed by a 2-digit or 3-digit MNC and a maximum 10-digit Mobile Station Identification Number (MSIN) MCC MNC List of Canada for Bell Rogers Fido Telus Sasktel SL NO Brand MCC MNC 1 ABC 302 420 2 Airtel Wireless 302 290 3 Aliant Mobility 302 630 4 ALO 302 250 In other words. the MNC identifies the home PLMN of the mobile subscriber. The length of the MNC (two or three digits) depends on the value of the MCC. A mixture of two and three digit MNC codes within a single MCC area is not recommended according to 3GPP specification

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Assuming the IMSI 234150999999999, where MCC=234, MNC=15 and MSISN=0999999999, the Routing Indicator 678, and a Home Network Public Key Identifier of 27, the NAI format for the SUCI takes the form: - for the null-scheme: type0.rid678.schid0.userid0999999999 - for the Profile <A> protection scheme IMSI filtering can use a combination of the APN and MCC-MNC numbers. The MCC and MNC are part of the APN, however filtering on MCC-MNC separately allows you to filter based on country and carrier instead of just the destination of the GTP Tunnel. See Configuring IMSI filtering in FortiOS Carrier Mobile County Codes are defined in a standard called ITU-T E.212. They are used in the signalling network and on the SIM (as part of the IMSI) to identify the region from which a SIM comes from, and are also transmitted by the radio base stations.

Mobile Country Codes (MCC) and Mobile Network Codes (MNC) table in CSV, JSON and XML. Updated daily. - musalbas/mcc-mnc-tabl Last time, in article about Network Attach, many times I was using IMSI, P-TIMSI, GUTI and few more numbers.This time I will try to explain most of them. It's good to know what consist on them, how they are created, and what's the purpose of using them Multi IMSI (Multiple International mobile subscriber identity) is used to switch between the identities of the SIM using just one card. The Multi IMSI technology allows to switch between up to usually 10 identities of the SIM using a single card and a single IMSI at a time.. To address this limitation, MVNOs need a technical expert of this technology to change the IMSI of the SIM 3GPP-IMSI-MCC-MNC AVP ( 8 ) MCC and MNC extracted from the user's IMSI (first 5 or 6 digits, as applicable from the presented IMSI). Reference: 3GPP TS 29.061-f50 View Type: UTF8String Mandatory Bit: MUST NOT Protection Bit: MAY Vendor ID: 10415 Value Length: 0. *. Getiing Location Information (IMEI,MCC,MNC,LAC,CELLID) without GPS We can get network related information like CELLID , Mobile Network Code ,Mobile Country Code , Location Area Code from mobile device and these network information will help you to find location of mobile user.I got eperience of these network information on different platform.Hope this information will help for LBS app developer

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  1. Mobile Country Codes (MCC) _ Mobile Network Codes (MNC) _ Imsi - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free
  2. MCC / MNC The Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC) fields together specify which carrier you are using. Each carrier in the world has their own unique MCC and MNC value pair. These will usually be set according to the SIM card that is inserted in your phone and won't need changing
  3. IMSI. International Mobile Subscriber Identity. Unique identification of mobile (LTE) subscriber Network (MME) gets the PLMN of the subscriber. IMSI (not more than 15 digits) = PLMN ID + MSIN = MCC + MNC + MSIN. PLMN ID. Public Land Mobile Network Identifier. Unique identification of PLMN. PLMN ID (not more than 6 digits) = MCC + MNC. MCC.
  4. Every operator uniquely identified by a combination of Mobile Country Code (MCC) and Mobile Network Code (MNC). This combination is used by all mobile operates which operates using GSM, WCDMA, LTE, iDEN public land mobile networks as well as some CDMA, TETRA, and satellite mobile networks. This combination of MCC and MNC is also uniquely identifies Public Lang Mobile Network (more.
  5. MCC, MNC, Country, Network 302, 370, Canada, FIDO (Rogers AT&T/ Microcell) 302, 720, Canada, Rogers AT&T Wireless MCC/MNC (Mobile Country/Network Codes) are used to construct IMSI numbers and/or SIM numbers stored in SIM cards. For more information on IMSI numbers, see What Is the IMSI number on My Phone tutorial

Mobile Country Codes (mcc) Mobile Network Codes (mnc) Imsi [vylyrkdr2znm].. IMSI RAT Type EUTRAN Sender F-TEID for Control Plane TEID MME IP Address EPS Bearer Id PDN Typequalified endpoint identifier with IPV4 OR IPV6 Bearer Context ARP QCI QCI specifies BER, Priority, GBR MSISDN TAI MCC, MNC, TAC ECGI Contents MCC, MNC, ECI PGW S5/S9 Address for Control TEID PGW IP Address PDN IP Address APN PDN Address Allocatio FABR extracts the first 5 or 6 digits of the User Identity and compares them against the list of configured 5-digit and 6-digit MCC-MNC combinations on the Diameter Common > Network Identifiers > MCCMNC GUI page. If a match occurs, the User Identity is considered to be an IMSI and is used for an IMSI lookup

Simple Procedure to find out all 22/23 circles MNC codes for a mobile operator Please insert SIM in LG GB110 Handset (Other handset may have this feature). Select Preferred network from Network setting and you will find all circles MNC Codes. These codes are stored in your SIM. (Old SIM may not have updated information). 1 An IMSI is usually presented as a 15 digit number, but can be shorter (not longer).The first 3 digits are the mobile country code (MCC), which are followed by the mobile network code (MNC), either 2 digits (European standard) or 3 digits (North American standard) 3GPP-IMSI-MCC-MNC. Mobile country code (MCC) and mobile network code (MNC) extracted from the. user's IMSI number (the first 5 or 6 digits depending on the IMSI). This sub-attribute requires that the MCC and MNC values that the GGSN uses. be configured using the gprs mcc mnc global configuration command What is SIM card?Sim card working.also explained IMSI, MCC, MNC, PIN, PUC mai btaya hai.oe ye btaya hai ki MCC kya hota,MNC kya hota hai or jo PIN or PUC hota uska matlab kya. The IMSI is a fixed 15-digit length. It consists of a three-digit Mobile Country Code (MCC), a three-digit Mobile Network Code (MNC), and a nine-digit Mobile Station Identification Number (MSIN). The MSIN can now be used for Shared HNI assignments

0: IMSI; 1: Network Access Identifier (NAI) 2 to 7: spare values for future use. Home Network Identifier: identifying the home network of the subscriber. When the SUPI Type is an IMSI, the Home Network Identifier is composed of MCC and MNC First, you have to prepare USRP B200/B210 to run srsENB. However, please keep in mind that you would still need a fairly high-end PC (at least dual-core i5, better quad-core i7) with USB 3.0 to attach the USRP B200/B210 Mobile Country Codes (mcc) _ Mobile Network Codes (mnc) _ Imsi [1d47v87pm742].. Network Codes List Network Codes. Our service returns the standard MCC/MNC tuple (also called PLMN code) for each supported network. Example: 23415 = MCC 234 (United Kingdom), MNC 15 (Vodafone). 3gpp-sgsn-mcc-mnc avp ( 18 ) For GGSN and PGW connected to a Gn/Gp SGSN, it represents the MCC and MNC extracted from the RAI within the Create PDP Context Request or Update PDP Context Request message

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Just wondering, when the Donor network (Telefonica) receives the apn:internet.operator.mnc07.mcc214.gprs and reply with the IP address assigned to the dual IMSI, how Telefonica differentiate between the APN sent by their bilateral roaming users & dual IMSI users since the apn/mnc/mcc still the same IMSI number is the original SIM card number, it includes 15 digits which can be split in three groups: MCC (Mobile Country Code) - first 3 digits of IMSI code. MNC (Mobile Network Code) - fourth and fifth for EMEA countries (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) or fourth, fifth and sixth digits from the code for the other (NAR) countries This is a simple data reader of the sim. It can read the ICCID, IMSI, MCC, MNC, Phone Number (not all the sim has it saved), country code, operator, roaming state and other things mnc The Mobile Network Code (MNC) is a unique 2-digit number to identify a mobile network. It is used within the International Mobile Subcriber Identity ( IMSI ) to uniquely identify mobile subscribers and within a Location Area Identification ( LAI )to uniquely identify a location area within the mobile network

4GNation: IMSI, TMSI & GUTI definitions in LTE

PLMN Identifier Calculation (MCC & MNC to PLMN) - Nick vs

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What is PLMN , VPLMN and HPLMN ? PLMN is MCC MNCPhone Info: Serial, IMEI, Etc - Android Apps on Google PlayMobile Network Code With Country Code – US & UK | | CodeSingularity: [Updated]Unofficial Review: Gevey iPhone 4Networking -- Something Good to Know: Mobile NetworkTELECOMMUNICATION and MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES: GSM IDENTITESCELULAR TECHNOLOG AGS: SIM (IMSI - International Mobile
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